Amelia O'Dowd, owner

In 2012 Amelia bought an ugly building, painted it yellow, and started selling hats. She’s a New Jersey native, lived in Boston for twelve years, and, somehow, mostly sounds like a normal person. She’s an art school drop out and Antioch University graduate, a founding member of Monkeyhouse, a Boston-based dance theater company, a French Bulldog momma, a perpetual cheerleader for Dayton, and the creative mind behind all of our design from window displays to our Brim brand hats


Brian Eastman in the most perfect captain's hatBrian Eastman, manager

If you’re a long-time shopper at Brim, you might remember Brian and his epic beard from the early days when he and Amelia were the only ones working at Brim. He got an associates in accounting during the Covid years, he says “just for fun,” to go with his bachelor’s in physics and master’s in religion. When he’s not scheduling shifts, making warehouse runs, and training employees, he’s pastoring Beaver United Church of Christ or drinking frose at Toxic Brew Company just across the street from the shop.


Debra Burs smiling in a blue fedora and vibrant yellow dress

Debra Burs

Debra is a lover of bold and vivacious color and is constant source of sunshine, not only Brim, but throughout Montgomery County where she’s worked for over 20 years. Brim is the extra part-time job that keeps her out of trouble on weekends but if she does get in trouble she knows just what to do because she’s got a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She says, with a big smile, “I’m  here to serve and protect.”  She not only loves good fashion and good vibes but is good fashion and good vibes.  


Krissy wearing a two-tone panama hat with a Detroit knot

Krissy Haynes

Krissy grew up more or less in the Oregon District and knows almost as many people as Jane, who knows almost everyone in Dayton. She’s from a musical family with both a father and brother who play in town. She’s a mom of three, colorguard and winterguard instructor for Northmont Elementary, the kind of plant enthusiast who will 100% trade philodendron propagations with you, has never meet a travel mug she doesn’t need, and has a thing for books bound in tartan prints.


Jane in her custom summer top hat from Cha Cha's House of Ill ReputeJane Worth

Jane likes both cowboy boots and pumps, but she’s most often reduced to fashionable yet comfy shoes at Brim thanks to our uneven floors and frequent use of ladders. She’s a Dayton native, former DCDC dancer, has a BFA in Dance from OU and a masters in counseling from UD, but most useful of her degrees is her certificate from the school of hard knocks. If you’re very lucky you might catch her nightly dance off to Big Band era swing music.


Button, our shop dog in her favorite rainbow sombreroButton, shop dog

Button has big shoes to fill as our new shop dog. She’s still in training and learning not to run out the front door in her enthusiasm to meet new people. She enjoys wearing and eating hats and says her best feature is her tongue, followed in a close second by her underbite (some of us think her best feature is her goofy smile). She loves a squeaky ball and visits to the dog park. You can keep up with her antics with her on Instagram at but.its.button (when her humans remember to post).


Guinness, our mostly retired shop dog
Guinness, shop dog (2008-2022)

Long time brick & mortar customers might remember Guinness and her love for sniffing toes, letter carriers, crunchy treats, and anyone who would pet her. She's the inspiration for many of our stickers and general theme of dogs in hats. She thought her best feature was her ears (obviously) so she rarely wore a hat, but never the less had an impressive hat collection, which she passed on to Tangerine who wears one everyday. We miss her and we know you do too.