Amelia O'Dowd

Amelia O'Dowd, Owner

In 2012 Amelia bought an ugly building, painted it yellow, and started selling hats. She’s a New Jersey native, lived in Boston for twelve years, and, somehow, mostly sounds like a normal person. She’s an art school drop out and Antioch University graduate, a founding member of Monkeyhouse, a Boston-based dance theater company, a French Bulldog momma, and a perpetual cheerleader for Dayton.









Emily Boggs

Emily Boggs, Sales Manager

Emily is really into snacks and sharing her snacks with Guinness, our shop dog. She's a boss with menswear, occasionally dabbles in womenswear and listens like it's her job (which it is) -- all of which makes her a top notch at helping customers find just the thing they didn't know they were looking for. She's a Wright State graduate, plant lover, and is really looking forward to growing her hair long enough to wear a side pony.










Guinness, Shop Dog

Guinness considers herself locally famous and was recently interviewed all about her love of Dayton (read all about it). She thinks her best feature is her ears so she rarely wears a hat. She likes tug and fetch and snuggles in no particular order. If you're lucky, she'll follow you around the store, help you find a hat, and, quite possibly, sniff your ankles.









Tintype photographs by Tall James Photography