Amelia O'Dowd, owner

In 2012 Amelia bought an ugly building, painted it yellow, and started selling hats. She’s a New Jersey native, lived in Boston for twelve years, and, somehow, mostly sounds like a normal person. She’s an art school drop out and Antioch University graduate, a founding member of Monkeyhouse, a Boston-based dance theater company, a French Bulldog momma, and a perpetual cheerleader for Dayton.


Bearded man with a big smile wearing a grey fedora

Emmatt James, assistant manager

Emmatt is the latest addition to our team. He comes to us with a wide range of skills - he even once delivered a baby who wasn’t breathing over the phone as an EMT (don’t worry, as he says, “everything turned out fine!”). He’s got a thing for spicy food (even if he has to take off his hat and dab his forehead), is obsessed with the Ultralight Stratoliner, and wants to pet all the neighborhood dogs.



Anna Huguely

Anna is the artist who does all of our sidewalk signs. She’s aunty to what seems like half of Dayton, has a new hobby every few weeks - despite working both at Brim and Learning Tree Farm, and is a Dayton native who left home just long enough to realize that there’s no place better. Her favorite sales technique is to telepathically guide you to choose the hat she’s picked for you; if that fails, she’ll show it to you. Her life goal is to sell smoothies on a beachside.


Short haired woman in a gus crown hatJane Worth

Jane likes both cowboy boots and pumps, but she’s most often reduced to fashionable yet comfy shoes at Brim thanks to our uneven floors and frequent use of ladders. She’s a Dayton native, former DCDC dancer, has a BFA in Dance from OU and a masters in counseling from UD, but most useful of her degrees is her certificate from the school of hard knocks. If you’re very lucky you might catch her nightly dance off to Big Band era swing music.


Guinness, our mostly retired shop dog

Guinness, shop dog (2008-2022)

Guinness considered herself locally famous and gave the insider scoop on her love of Dayton to the Downtown Dayton Partnership. She thought her best feature was her ears (obviously) so she rarely wore a hat. She passed her impressive hat collection on to Tangerine who wears one everyday. She had an impressive love for sniffing toes, letter carriers, peanut butter, and anyone who pet her.