The idea of BRIM Sessions is pretty simple. Early on Sunday afternoons, we’re hosting one hour mini-concerts for musicians. We provide a cool stage area (an astroturf rug and backdrop of vintage 1970s floral sheets) and minimal amount of electricity via a long industrial extension cord - our building is really old (it’s actually the oldest existing store front in the city of Dayton) and the electricity situation is not the greatest. We will live stream the concert on Instagram, providing an admittedly amateur recording of the performance. We are not able to pay musicians for these concerts, but you are encouraged to put out you hat (or instrument case or a bucket or whatever makes sense to you) for tips.

BRIM Sessions


In the two plus years since the start of COVID, we have sorely missed community activities and are going hard at hosting more events. And we’re really into helping other businesses, non-profits, and artists build up their profile. And every weekend between the beginning of May and the end of October, Fifth St. is closed to vehicular traffic for Out on 5th. We’ve been under utilizing this pedestrian-oriented environment. From this little trifecta was born BRIM Sessions.


BRIM is a hats and accessories store located at the corner of Jackson St. and Fifth St. in the heart of Dayton’s Oregon District. We sell hats, but what we really do is help people to be their best, most confident self. We find great pleasure in seeing our customers blossom and be more fully themselves and we’re here to encouraging the creative expression of our entire community. We’re woman owned and have been in business for almost 10 years, which feels impossible.

You can find out more about us on the Our Team page and our social media where we’re @brimonfifth.



We ask that interested parties fill out our Google Form so we can get a feel for your work and decide if we’re a good fit.  Please note: this is a family-friendly event, so no cursing, overtly sexual language (that a kid would understand), and no references to drug use.


Mock up of Jackson St. with astroturf rug and 1970s floral backdrop
This is a mock up, to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.